In October, Monica Martinez (Taos School District Student Nutrition Director), and Micah Roseberry (Taos Farm to School Project Manager), hosted a scratch cooking training for all cafeteria staff in the Taos School District.

One goal of Taos Farm to School is to build direct market relationships between local farmers and cafeterias, which will create more economically viable, connected communities.

We demonstrated how to make fresh green kale smoothies, tasted and made Atole from scratch, Beef Shepherds Pie with beef from Robert Martinez and tasted and baked fresh rolls with locally grown Sonoran and processed wheat.

Local farmer and rancher, Robert Martinez, spoke about the importance of growing our own food, and providing important nutrition for the generations to come. The training was a great success, and inspired both cafeteria staff and us here at Taos Farm to School.

Baker Jo teaching the staff how to make rolls from scratch (top).
Fresh baked rolls with locally grown Sonoran wheat (bottom).