What's New in farm to school

2020 interns

We trained six local high school interns who work on 4 of our garden projects over the summer.

Intern Paul, from the Taos Pueblo harvests lettuce from the FarmHouse Garden.

High School Interns at work on the farms

Jerome, Michael and Paul are all currently interning with our Farm to School Program and working at the FarmHouse Garden, Enos Garcia garden at Parr Field and in the new high tunnel greenhouse at Arroyo's del Norte in Arroyo Seco. Our farm manager, Maura has been leading and instructing them on laying drip irrigation, planting, weeding and harvesting.

Top Left - Parr Field; Bottom Left - FarmHouse Garden; Right - Arroyo's del Norte

Horno repair at taos middle school

Students help Geronimo Romero, who has been baking in and building Horno's in the Taos Pueblo for his whole life. The Horno at Taos Middle School has been in disrepair for years, but now we're looking forward to cooking in the Horno for years to come. Mrs. Holle's 8th grade class helped to mix clay, straw and water together to form the adobe.

8th grade class at Taos Middle school working together to repair the Orno. (top)
Geronimo surveys the Orno before repair. (bottom)
Micah Roseberry and Geronimo celebrating the orno repair!

Thanksgiving carrots for all!

This week schools in the Taos Municipal School District Cafeterias hosted a delicious Thanksgiving meal for families and community members. Taos Farm to School passed out local carrots (grown by Angel Ortiz) to each student and family members in schools across Taos county, including; Arroyos Del Norte, Enos Garcia Elementary, and Ranchos de Taos Elementary School.

Local farmer Angel Ortiz delivering his fresh carrots to Enos Garcia Elementary (top)
Students enjoying the local carrots (bottom)
A student getting excited about local carrots and carrot seed!

fall festival at taos charter school

200 K-8 students celebrated the end of the harvest season at Taos Charter School by making apple cider, sampling blue corn atole, learning to hand making corn tortillas and saving seeds for spring planting. Thanks to our sponsors, A.I.R.E, and

Students sample local apples before pressing cider (bottom)
Students sampling handmade corn tortillas and beans, prepared by Farmhouse Café (top).
Parent and farmer Miguel Santestevan teaching the students how to process locally grown wheat.

Building a future

At Ranchos de Taos Elementary School, students have been building garden beds with the support of Growing community Now, a project of A.I.R.E.. The students are laying a foundation for a strong future of growing food at their school. In addition to building garden beds, the students at Ranchos received cooking classes, where they made kale smoothies and from scratch applesauce with local apples.

Students sampling green kale smoothies (top)
Students learn how to use a drill and assemble garden boxes (bottom)
Students working together to fill the garden boxes with soil